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Dental monitoring

DentalMonitoring is a system that enables us to remotely monitor the orthodontic treatment of our patients.

What are the advantages of DentalMonitoring?
  • Regular monitoring can help prevent potential complications during the treatment. 
  • Fewer face-to-face appointments. 
  • You can follow your treatment progress using the before/after feature. 
  • You receive personalized advice and warnings from our dentists. 
  • You can communicate with the surgery via the app. 

It is suitable for all types of orthodontic appliances. All you need is a smartphone, the ScanBox device (this will be provided by the surgery), and the DentalMonitoring app.  
No special skills are needed to use DentalMonitoring. We will teach you the basics and there is also a tutorial on the app.  

Video tutorial for patients with invisible aligners

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