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Braces for children and adults

How does the treatment work?

1. The first appointment 
You can book your first appointment without a referral. The dentist will examine you and diagnose any dental abnormalities. You will be informed whether the treatment can start straightaway or whether it will have to be delayed. You will receive information about the treatment options - what types of braces are suitable, what examinations you will have to undergo, how long the treatment will take, and how much it will cost.  

2. The treatment plan 
For the treatment to work, it is necessary to create a detailed treatment plan. The initial examination includes a dental scan, X-ray, and photographs. Based on the information from this initial examination, a detailed treatment plan is made and once the client has agreed to it, it becomes binding and the treatment can start. 

3. The treatment (the active phase)
Once the treatment plan has been approved and all questions answered, the treatment can start. The braces are applied and the client is made familiar with their use and maintenance. Regular checkups occur during the course of the treatment according to the treatment plan. If complications occur, the dentist will adjust the treatment plan pending the client's approval.  

4. The retention phase
The final (retention) phase follows the removal of the braces. This phase is equally as important as the active phase and takes approximately the same amount of time. Your newly straightened teeth will be fitted with a thin wire (fixed retainer) and you will be given braces to wear during the night to further support the retention. 

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